Not to be confused with the base ship, also known as the "starter" or "baby".

Warin base

The red base. The two bases appear on the radar in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Each team has a base which begins with with 7,500 health at the beginning of a new game. The goal of is to destroy the enemy base whilst protecting your own; reducing the enemy base's health to zero wins the game. If your base is low, try to defend. Defending is sometimes as offensive as attacking.

The two bases move slowly, following a clockwise path around the edge of the playing area and are always opposite each other. Apart from the player's location, they are the only entities visible on the radar.

Players will begin the game at their own base and will respawn there after death.

Bases take damage if they are shot by enemy ships or turrets, or are affected by damage in radius. They will also take a single point of damage when a player on its team dies and respawns. Bases cannot be dealt extra damage due to a critical hit, and cannot be the target of a sniper shot. Bases cannot be protected by an area shield.

Bases can be healed using healing pods. A base's health cannot be increased above 7,500.