Not to be confused with the base.

The Base Ship, also known as the Baby or Starter, is the ship players begin with at the start of the game. Weak and fragile, the Base Ship is no match for higher-tier craft, however it is good at accumulating scrap.

Typically players race out of this stage, occasionally stopping for a dog fight.


Since the base ship is the weakest ship, upgrading to the next tier is extremely important. Focus on upgrading move speed and passive scrap, as those skills will help with acquiring scrap faster. Since upgrading to the next tier is the priority, avoid fights with enemy ships as they will slow you down from upgrading to the next tier.

Players planning to upgrade to the Support or Heavy may choose to temporarily delay upgrading, as the Base Ship's passive scrap skill means that it can accumulate scrap faster than either of these.

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Base Ship
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