The Bully is a tier 4 heavy ship. It is heavily armored and has the most powerful weapon in the game, however it is also slow and has no skills that directly assist teammates.

The Bully is a "pure heavy" ship, and can only be obtained through the upgrading first to the Heavy and then to the Bruiser. Both these predecessor ships are similar in appearance to the Bully, and have the same set of skills.

Strategies Edit

The Bully is basically a blunt instrument; point it towards the enemy and shoot. Bullies are able to take a lot of damage, and as such should mostly be towards the front of fleets, protecting lighter allies. In this way, although they cannot directly aid their teammates with skills, Bullies can still be important team players.

Notes Edit

Although the Bully is able to upgrade its weapon to a devastating 28 per shot, it does not actually have the highest damage-per-second in the game. That distinction belong to a Moth with a full set (25) of fully-upgraded advanced drones, though obtaining this is considerably more expensive.

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