FANDOM has very simple controls.

Movement and firing is controlled using the mouse. The ship will follow the cursor, and left clicking fires the main weapon. The player can hold down the left mouse button to fire continuously. Holding down Shift will prevent the ship from moving.

Right clicking or pressing the S key activates the active skill, if available. When placing turrets, the turret will be placed at the cursor's location. When activating the sniper shot skill, the target will be the ship closest to the cursor.


When these buttons show, the skills/ship can be upgraded using the designated key.

Skill and ship upgrades can be purchased using the Q, W, E, and R keys, or by clicking the buttons at the bottom of the screen. When upgrading the ship, the player will need to choose an option with the mouse.

Emoji can be sent using the number keys 0-9.

The Esc key instantly destroys the ship. Pressing Esc during the respawn timer will exit the current game and send the player back to the lobby.