Customizing ships costs credits which are earned at the end of the game. Players usually get between 5 and 8 credits at the end of each game. For example you are blue and your team won. You earn them. But before earning credits you must sign in to Odessa to unlock tags, Ship Customization, Decals And even trails! Also skins can be purchased on any ship using credits. And you can even unlock skin packs! There is the Halloween skin pack and the neon skin pack. but to say if you want the neon pack you have to buy the neon skin on every ship using credits! Same does for the other things. but decals trails and tags are equipped on every ship if one is unlocked every ship you upgrade to will have the decal trail etc equipped.

Getting credits (More info) Edit

You can unlock credits by buying them for real money or in game.

  • In game: Either you lose or win you earn credits. It depends on your score.
  • Money: Unlock credits using money. To say 250 Credits for $2 USD 750 Credits for $5 USD 2000 Credits for $10 USD

And credits earned depend on score like we said and attacking dying and collecting scrap all affect your score. So try to get 1st on the leader board. Good luck :)