An Engi with several basic drones

Basic drone


Advanced drone


Sniper drone


Suicide drone


Drones are small, autonomous craft that orbit a player's ship and automatically attack enemies. They can be built by a small number of ships as their active skill.

There are four types of drones in the game:

Drones cost 100 scrap each to construct, and can be made more powerful by leveling up the associated skill. The cooldown time for drone construction is very short.

Basic, Advanced, and Sniper drones all function similarly, firing shots at regular intervals at any enemies in range. The Advanced drone has a greater firepower than the basic drone, while the Sniper drone has an extended range. Individually, drones are quite weak, however a ship can build multiple drones for itself, which overall leads to a powerful fighting unit. In particular, a Moth with a full compliment of drones deals the highest damage-per-second in the game.

Suicide drones function differently, effectively being missiles that fly at enemies, dealing large amounts of damage, but being destroyed in the process. Like the other drones, Suicide drones will attack any enemies which come in range, which can sometimes result in them destroying themselves on undesired targets.

Ships are limited in how many drones they can have at once (10 Basic Drones, 15 Advanced Drones, 5 Sniper or Suicide drones), this limit can be raised on the Engi and Moth by leveling up the Increase Max Drones skill.

Drones will occasionally intercept hits for their owner, being destroyed but saving the player the associated damage. When a player with drones dies, they will be respawned with no drones.

Uniquely, building drones as the Engi decreases the ship upgrade cost by 100 scrap (the cost of construction) each time. This discount remains even if the drones are destroyed.