A healing pod and its radius of effect

Healing pods are static entities created by Mechanics as their active skill which heal friendly ships, turrets and bases within a displayed radius.

A Mechanic can place a healing pod at a cost of 200 scrap. Healing pods are constructed at the point where the player right-clicks, which can be a sizable distance from the player.

Healing pods have their own health bars, which will deplete automatically at a very quick rate. Healing pods will last only a few seconds before being destroyed. This lifetime will be depleted further if they take damage from enemy fire. Healing pods themselves cannot be healed by any means.

During their short lifetime healing pods will heal friendly entities within the displayed radius at short, regular intervals. Leveling up the associated skill will decrease the length of this interval, increasing the pods' total healing. The timescales involved are sufficiently short that pods can be effectively considered to have a continuous effect.

Turrets and bases will be repaired at 1/2 and 3/8 of the rate of ships respectively. Like other area-effect buffs in, the number of allies that can be healed by a healing pod is unlimited, and having multiple allies in range does not dilute the effect.

The cooldown time for healing pod construction is negligible, meaning a mechanic with a large store of scrap can build multiple pods in quick succession. If the areas-of-effect of multiple healing pods overlap, the healing effect will stack.