Both ships in this firefight have been damaged. The Frigate is close to death.

Ships, turrets, healing pods, and the base each have health counters, indicating how much further damage can be sustained before they are destroyed.

For ships and turrets, health is indicated by a green and red bar above the entity. The green bar shows the health remaining, while the red indicates how much damage has been sustained. The full length of the bar, green and red, indicates the entity's maximum health. Small black markers in the heath bar indicate blocks of 100 health.


This Bruiser is undamaged and has slightly over 200 health, due to use of the Hull Increase skill.

Different ships have differing maximum health values, with the heavier and larger ships generally being the most sturdy. Ships with the Hull Increase skill can slightly increase their max health by spending scrap to level up this skill. When the player gains and loses health, small green and red numbers will pop up showing the health change.

The health of both bases are shown by the numbers and bars at the top of the screen.

Drones do not have separate health counters. Drones will occasionally intercept a shot, being instantly destroyed but saving their owner the associated damage. All of a ship's drones are destroyed when the owner is killed.

After dying, ships will respawn with full health, while turrets are permanently destroyed. Destruction of a base immediately ends the game.

Damaged ships can be healed by healing pods and by several different skills. Turrets and bases can only be healed by healing pods. Healing pods themselves cannot be healed by any means.

When upgrading, the new ship will have full health, even if the previous ship was significantly damaged. Upgrading in the middle of a firefight can sometimes be a useful strategy.