The Heavy is a heavily armored, powerful, but slow Tier 2 ship. It is the first ship to be oriented into raw power instead of utility.

Heavy Shield

A Heavy with its timed shield on.

Its active skill is Timed Shield, and it can also expend scrap to increase its maximum health and weapon damage. It is the most capable fighter of the Tier 2 ships, however its slow speed means it may difficulty chasing down targets if they choose to flee.

Strategies Edit

As long as it doesn't get outnumbered, the Heavy has little to fear from enemy ships of the same tier and can afford to pick one-on-one fights to defend its territory against Supports and Utilities. However the Heavy shouldn't get too cocky and become too isolated from its teammates, as it is often too slow to run from situations where it finds itself at a disadvantage.

The Heavy is a poor choice if one wants to advance quickly through the tiers. Being slow, and lacking the passive scrap skill, Heavy ships have a hard time acquiring scrap. Players are likely to reach higher tiers quicker if they advance through the utility tree (aided by Passive scrap) or, to a lesser extent, through the support tree (which, being fast, can collect scrap quickly).

Upgrading to the Heavy is required if one wishes to later upgrade to the Bruiser and Bully.

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