A Heavy and a Frigate exchanging fire.

All ships are equipped with a simple weapon. For most ships, it is their sole method of inflicting damage on the enemy. Shots are depicted as thin white lines between the shooter and the target. Hits are indicated by small explosions.

The weapon can be fired with the left mouse button and will fire towards the cursor. Holding down the left mouse button fires continuously, however the ship's movement speed is greatly reduced when doing this.

The damage inflicted per shot varies between ships, with heavier ships doing more damage. All ships have the same range (650 units), except for the Sniper and Shogun, who start with 730 and 770 range respectively and can further increase this by upgrading the Increase Shot Range skill.

Ammunition is unlimited.

Players can only shoot enemies. There is no friendly fire in

Accuracy is not particularly important; the game will register a hit even if the player is off-target by a few degrees. Players will always hit the nearest target within a cone-shaped zone in front of their ship, meaning that players can hide behind teammates to avoid taking fire.

If the weapon is fired but no enemy is in range, the game will display a shot going straight forward from the ship, terminating at the maximum weapon range.