The Mechanic is a tier 4 support ship, provided with a passive repair in radius and an active skill of healing pods.


The Mechanic is an extremely helpful support ship. Using the healing pods, the mechanic is able to quickly repair the base, turrets, and other ships.  

The Mechanic's disadvantage, when compared to The Doctor, is that its active healing power requires a constant supply of scrap. By the time players reach Tier 4 ships, it is probable that the best source of scrap will be bonus scrap from assists and kills on other Tier 4 ships. Because the Mechanic is a poor fighter on its own, it is best employed as part of a squad so that it can get assists on the kills of more capable fighters, and can repay the favor with healing. 

Making formidable turret bases is basically impossible without a Mechanic on hand to undo the turrets' natural health degeneration.

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