Warin scrap

Collectable scrap is indicated by seasonal icons in the Christmas theme

Scrap is the basic currency of

Pieces of collectible scrap generates randomly throughout the playing area, and for each piece collected, 10 scrap will be added to the player's store. Scrap can also be acquired through a few other means.

A count of the player's current scrap is shown in the top left corner of the screen.

Scrap is expended on upgrading skills, upgrading ships, and the construction of turrets and drones. Scrap can be lost on death (see bonus scrap below).

Acquiring scrap Edit

Collectable Scrap Edit

Collectable scrap generates throughout the map. Each ship has a collection radius, indicated by a small blue circle surrounding the ship. Any scrap icon that comes into contact with this circle is collected and 10 scrap is added to the player's store.

Respawn Scrap Edit

If a player respawns with less than 100 scrap, their scrap count will be increased to 100 on respawn.

Late-starting Scrap Edit

Players who start the game at the very beginning begin the game with 100 scrap. If a player joins the game several minutes later, they will begin with a larger amount of scrap, allowing them to quickly upgrade to a similar level to the other players.

Bonus Scrap Edit

When a player dies with scrap on hand, they may lose up to half of their scrap, and the player(s) who got the kill and any assists will be rewarded with scrap. The exact math of this isn't public, though in general killing high-tier players with large stores of scrap will net the largest reward.

Passive Scrap Edit

The base ship and some ships in the utility branch of the upgrade tree have the Passive Scrap skill. This rewards the player with 20 scrap a regular intervals. The length of time between these rewards are lower for higher-tier ships, and can be decreased by upgrading the passive scrap attribute.

Scrap cap Edit

Players are limited in regard to how much scrap they can have stored at any one time. This limit depends on their current ship tier:

Tier Cap
1 1,500
2 2,500
3 4,000
4 7,000

Late-starting scrap may grant the player starts with more scrap than cap limits, in which case the cap is raised.