FANDOM currently runs from two servers, Paris and U.S. West. Players can choose the server on which to play from a drop-down menu on the login screen. Players are advised to choose the server nearest to them in order to minimize latency.

World select screen

The World selection screen.

Each server contains 20 worlds, which are entirely separate arenas in which games occur. By default, players will be sent to the lowest numbered world that is not overpopulated by players. Players can also choose one of the twenty worlds manually from the world selection screen. Worlds with active (non-bot) players are indicated by green markers, very populated worlds may be indicated by yellow or even red markers.

If player joins a world in which no game is currently ongoing, a new game will start with bots filling out both teams.

Gameplay in all worlds is identical, except for world 20 (both servers) which employs the Scrap is Life game mode.

A player's account is universal to both servers and all worlds, credits can be earned for one account on any world, and any purchased customizations will take effect on all worlds as well.