The Stealth ship is a light, fast, Tier 4 ship, distinguished by its unique stealth active skill. The Stealth can only be obtained by upgrading to Utility, then to Sniper, and then Stealth.

Activating the stealth's ability grants time-limited a period of invisibility and invulnerability. The player cannot attack whilst cloaked, so this ability is mainly used to sneak into a favorable position before attacking, though it can also be used to effect a retreat after an attack.

Strategies Edit

The stealth is the ship most well-equipped for raiding, as it is able to approach the enemy base with impunity. Such raids can be decisive tie-breakers, as they can force an otherwise stalemated game where neither side can break though the enemy's defences to a conclusion.

A Stealth ship can also use their abilities against other ships, remaining cloaked until they find a weak, damaged and/or isolated target, then quickly destroying them with critical hits.

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