The Moth is a tier 4 ship that is able, as its active skill, to build many advanced drones that orbit it and autonomously fire on enemies.

If a Moth is able to construct a large number of sufficiently high-tier drones, it is able to do more damage-per-second than any other ship. This is expensive, and all drones will be lost if The Moth is destroyed.

The Moth was designed for defending the base.

Strategies Edit

Without drones, The Moth is a comparably ineffective ship. The Moth should focus on acquiring scrap (exploiting its Passive Scrap skill) and leveling up its Advanced Drone skill before building drones and transitioning to a combat role. The Increase Max Drones skill only needs to be upgraded when it can be immediately used.

For hints on using The Moth in a combat role, see Strategies # Using The Moth

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