The Utility is a capable all-round ship in Tier 2.

The Utility has the active skill Sniper Shot, and the passive skills Crit Chance and Passive scrap. It also has a unique "hidden skill" called Life Steal in the code. If it has been already damaged, the Utility will heal 20% of the damage it inflicts on other players.

It must be chosen if the player wishes to upgrade to the Sniper and Stealth. The upgrade path up from Utility includes these, all drone-bearing ships, all turret-placing ships, and the Mechanic.

Strategies Edit

The Utility represents a "middle path" between the strong and slow Heavy and the weak but fast Support. Because of its Passive Scrap skill, it can level up quickly. In one-on-one firefights, a Utility should typically beat a similarly leveled Support, while it will likely lose to a Heavy. However in both these match-ups, the weaker ship is faster and may be able to run away.

The Utility is well-designed for picking off weak ships quickly. The sniper shot hits the enemy ship closest to the cursor, so it can be used to hit damaged ships hiding behind stronger teammates.

The Sniper shot skill is capable of hitting targets which are off-screen. If the skill is available and no conflict seems imminent, players may choose to right-click randomly at the edges of the screen for the chance of hitting an enemy.

Neither Sniper shot, Crit chance, nor Life steal work on the bases, so the Utility is a poor choice if you wish to make an early rush on the enemy base.

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