Emma Hyde has been dethroned by a very clever new one. A mysterious new Cybergirl by the name of

☀C̖̟̓̈́Y̙͎̯̓ͬ̆͋ͦͮ͗̚B͕͎̟ͦ̈̿̍E̟͚͖ͥͮ͗ͦͭR. Her name, due to its additional symbols appears to be the cause of some lag in the server that she plays in, which only applies to others. While this new player does not often get onto the leaderboard, she uses strategies of Emma Hyde and her predecessors - waiting until midmatch to join as to get the passive scrap glitch, and using the teleportation glitch. She also seems to have a higher visual range, although it is unknown how that came about.

C̖̟̓̈́Y̙͎̯̓ͬ̆͋ͦͮ͗̚B͕͎̟ͦ̈̿̍E̟͚͖ͥͮ͗ͦͭR's strategy is clear - use a neon skinned stealth ship and continuously rush her opponents, with or without her teammates.